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One Stop Solution for Mobile Application and Game Development!!

If you think that people these days use mobile phones for communication purposes only, think again! Gone are those days. The Smartphone has opened up a completely new world for mobile users full of gaming, fun, and entertainment. At eTraffic Applications, we know very well what you want and provide you with mobile apps development solutions to reckon with. Our pools of creative and expert technicians is forever researching what the user wants and provide customer-centric and highly interactive applications that work.

Our Specialty – Mobile Application Development!!!!

The mobile platform has emerged as one of the most effective marketing tools to connect to the target audience and successfully promote your brand or business even while on the move. Mobile applications are a smart and effective way to reach out to the ever-growing market for Smartphones and keep them engaged with something functional, unique and user friendly.

Hence, the mobile app development has evolved as a necessity for businesses, reaching out to a potential market and promoting their product or service offerings in the most cost-effective and compelling manner. Mobile app development for different Smartphone platforms tend to one of the most powerful marketing tools to connect with your consumers and make an impact, even while on the move.

We specialise in developing mobile apps, designing and building user friendly, intuitive and engaging apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, and Windows Phone 7. We create customised mobile applications that promote your brand or business in the most impressive manner, spreading out the word for you.

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  • iPhone Application Development iPhone Application Development

    iPhone, with rich and intuitive features, is one of the most popular Smartphones today. Apple iOS provides the best platform to develop user friendly and engaging applications that ensure superior experience and unmatched services. With more and more iPhone users demanding smooth and enhanced experience on their web-enabled mobile device, We provide advanced iPhone application development services that encompass GPS enablement, social networking, map, and game applications just to name a few. Our iPhone application developers have skilled expertise in iOS, building smart, intuitive and user friendly applications that are a great delight for corporate users and standard mobile phone users as well.More...

  • iPad Application Development iPad Application Development

    With computer tablets fast overtaking the craze for Smartphones, iPad has emerged as a necessity for one and all, especially for busy corporate. iPad application development services at eTraffic Applications include building feature-rich, compelling and engaging applications across diverse industries such as business, entertainment, healthcare, gaming, weather, tourism, sports, and news. With our smart and intuitive iPad applications, you can easily automate your core business operations, connect with people and work while on the move, and improve the efficiency and productivity of your team in the most effortless manner. Vast experience in iOS enables us to deliver the best customised solutions to our clients. More...

  • Android Application Development Android Application Development

    eTraffic Applications specialises in android application development, building powerful and engaging applications for Android operating system. Our expert Android developers are proficient in using Android SDK that provides the best platform and comprehensive set of tools to create amazing and interesting applications for Android smartphone. The challenge of Android application development is that it does not follow the traditional Java standards. However, our expert developers effortlessly tackle the problem with professional conversion services. We build powerful and engaging Android applications for GPS navigation, games, map, social networking, business, tourism, entertainment, sports, news, healthcare, and weather, helping you to be at the top of the mind of your customers.More...

  • Windows Phone 7 Development Windows Phone 7 Development

    Windows Phone is fast catching up the popularity of other smartphones, providing rich features and an amazing user experience. With increasing popularity of Windows smartphone, businesses are targeting the growing market with smart and engaging mobile applications that will help them to connect to potential consumers in a cost effective and efficient manner. eTraffic Applications specialises in developing Windows Phone 7 application, creating robust and highly scalable applications that you can leverage as powerful marketing tool to promote your brand or service. With latest developments, we incorporate it into our services, developing smart and advanced mobile applications for Windows phone.More...

  • Game Application Development Game Application Development

    Successful game application development requires use of original ideas for impacting the users. Keeping the ideas simple is another criterion. A study of market and deciding the user base is important. At eTraffic we develop power-packed gaming apps for iPhone devices, using Mac OS. More...

  • Blackberry Application Development Blackberry Application Development

    Blackberry application development is the best way to connect to the growing market for Blackberry smartphones, and promote the product and service offerings in a quick and efficient manner. Blackberry applications developed by us are user friendly, innovative and unique with rich features that enhance the experience of the users. Here, we develop smart and outstanding applications for Blackberry smartphone across different sectors such as business and marketing, news and sports, entertainment, GPS enablement, games, social networking, maps, and much more. With years of experience in Blackberry application development, we guarantee customised solutions to our clients to fulfil their business goals.More...

Our Team:

eTraffic Applications is a prestigious IT company in Australia and a leading provider of mobile application solution services. With eTraffic Applications your organisational needs is in the right hands since we understand what you want and deliver products accordingly. We maintain project timeframes and allotted budgets to provide the maximum ROI to all our clients. Our support service stays with you long after the project is over to troubleshoot issues and promote understanding of the apps for high utility benefits.

Rely on us to make your mobile application development stand out from the crowd and get noticed big time!

Our expert team includes:

iOS Developers:

We have a team of highly talented and expert iOS developers who can efficiently help you realising your vision to develop a powerful and intuitive iPhone/iPad application. Highly proficient in iOS SDK and Cocoa development with strict adherence to Apple and App Store standards, our iOS developers work extensively in designing customised and smart applications, powerful software, exciting games, and creating intuitive web interfaces for iPhone and iPad. Our seasoned iOS developers are well-adept to diverse aspects and intricacy of iPhone/iPad application development, and will work closely with you to design and develop customised solutions. that will help you realise your business goals.

Android Developers:

We boast a team of highly proficient and expert Android developers who can diligently help you with Android application development, Android game development, and other customised Android software and plug-in development services. With vast experience and in-depth knowledge in Android SDK, our developers can build completely tailored application solutions with excellent quality guarantee. The technical expertise of our Android developers encompass Android SDK, Open Graphics Library API, SQL Lite Database, Android NDK, Multimedia API, User Interface framework to create tablet apps, C++, Java/J2ME, 2D and 3D graphics, and location API. To build customised and powerful applications for Android, our expert developers at eTraffic Applications are the best choice.

Game Developers:

Professional game development starts with prototyping and visualizing a compelling and unique game design, followed by programming, quality check and deployment. eTraffic Applications is a leading game development company in Australia, with a team of seasoned and highly talented developers who will help you through all the phases of developing a unique, engaging and compelling game. No; developing games is not merely a hobby for our developers; they strive to accomplish the project diligently, delivering customised solutions to realise your core business objectives. With expert knowledge and years of experience, our game developers build power-packed, engaging gaming applications for iPhone/iPad devices.

Windows Developer:

eTraffic Applications’ experienced Windows developers provide a platform and resources for professional .Net developers to build, test, sell, and deploy outstanding applications leveraging your familiar tools. Windows provides a great platform to create robust and intuitive applications for mobile devices. Utilising this resource, our developers build professional and unique mobile applications for Windows 7, realising your business goals to target the ever growing market for Windows Smartphones. Our developers have years of experience and core knowledge working on Windows operating system, which is best utilised to build powerful and engaging applications that cater to your needs. Our professional Windows developers are expert in handling any type of project.

Creative UI Designers for Apps Design:

At eTraffic Applications, we believe the success of any mobile or web application is majorly dependent on its user interface. With this philosophy, we don’t compromise with the user interface of any application that we build for you. We have a team of creative UI designers who diligently craft, design, and test graphic user interfaces for mobile applications, desktop applications, and web applications, ensuring a superior user experience and retention. Our team of UI designers facilitates simplifying the user interface of the application or software as much as possible to ensure 100% user satisfaction. At the same time, they are most proficient in iterating the existing designs to make them exceptionally pleasing to the target users.

QA Experts:

We have a team of highly talented and qualified QA experts who bring every project to perfection. To put it simple, our QA experts guarantee different levels of quality assurance for mobile, web, and software applications. They will dedicatedly check each step of the process, identifying the errors at every stage and fixing it immediately to retain the quality of deliverables. Before delivering the project to our clients, the QA experts will thoroughly test the applications for their quality and functionality, delivering only customised and high-quality solutions.

The eTraffic Applications Difference!!

At eTraffic Applications, we strive to deliver the BEST to our clients, with the commitment to accomplish every project right on time and in a cost-effective manner. Our core competitiveness lies in:

Give your business an unparalleled recognition with eTraffic Applications’ mobile application development services. Call us at 1300-887-551 or email us to learn more about our services.

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