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According to recent surveys, the Smartphone shipments in Australia rose to 67% in the year 2010. Moreover, over 60% mobile phone users are now using Smartphones instead of simple cell phones.

The reason behind the popularity of Smartphones is their revolutionary concept and the fact that they are not just simple mobile phones meant for conversations but are in fact pocket sized computers allowing you to handle your business and work related issues on the go.

The sharp rise in the shipment of Apple Smartphones and the strong growth of the Android powered Smartphones prove that the population as well as the business world is finally realizing the true potential of mobile phones and how they can be used as a tool to conduct business in a more convenient way possible.

Why Go Mobile?

Sophisticated and technologically sound mobile apps, allow Smartphone users to access and go about their business in the most efficient and convenient way possible. The business interface for mobile applications is designed in a way to suit Smartphones so that the user experience is optimized in the most technologically sound manner.

As the world become extremely mobile and time seems to have become a luxury, Mobile applications allow you to plan out your personal as well as your business life in a manner that is competent and best suited for the fast life of today.

With the current popularity and booming market of Smartphones, the estimation in a recent report by RBC that the sales of worldwide smartphones will exceed the PC sales by 2011, is surely not surprising.

eTraffic Applications can help you grow and tap the full potential of this dynamic and extremely exciting market in the most technologically sound manner.

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